the Early Signs Of Diabetes You Should Never Ignore

The Early Warning Signs Of Diabetes You Never Ignore

8th October 2019

Diabetes warning symptoms can be very mild that you hardly notice. That’s prominent with type 2 diabetes. With type I diabetes, the signs usually occur quickly, in just a few days or a week, and are more severe, also.

Watch for bellow listed warning signs and pay attention to progressive changes, and if something noticeable appears, make a blood sugar test at your doctor.

1. Rapid weight loss

Being overweight is always a risk factor for diabetes, it isn’t surprising to notice rapid weight loss in those with this disease. Extremely high blood sugar levels can cause fast weight loss — up to 20 pounds in just 2-3 months. The main reason is the insulin hormone isn’t properly getting glucose into the cells where it can be used as energy supply.

2. Consistent hunger

When having high blood sugar body tries to regulate glucose. When consuming excessive carbohydrates, the body will produce much insulin while the glucose will drop instantly. This will make you feel hungry, starving for carbs/ sugar that will push up the glucose levels over.

3. Excessive pee breaks and thirst and

People with diabetes pee more than someone who is healthy. The average person pees between 4-7 times daily. Regularly the body reabsorbs glucose as it moves through the kidneys. When you have diabetes, your blood sugar will rise, and the body will try to remove the extra glucose by creating more urine.

4. Foot pain and numbness

The high blood sugar levels can cause damage to the body’s nerves, a disease called diabetic neuropathy. This sign is common in people who have had Type II diabetes for more than 15 years.

5. Vomiting for no reason

Vomiting can be a warning symptom of diabetes, as it’s the result of a fairly complex set of chemical responses of diabetic ketoacidosis. If don’t take it seriously, you could end up in trouble. Usually, vomiting is linked with other intestinal problems, like upset stomach or diarrhea.

6. Blurry vision

One of the early warning signs of diabetes is blurred vision. In high-sugar environments, such as untreated Type 2 diabetes, the ability of the eye’s lens to bend is changed. The eye muscles have to work harder to adjust the focus, particularly when undergoing rapid changes in blood sugar and the eye muscles have not yet adapted to it.

7. Slow healing

If you notice your minor injuries staying around for a longer than they should? It can indicate something wrong going on, so get checked out.

8. Yeast infections

Yeast infections can be a sign of diabetes-related issue around the bend. Some studies have shown that high blood sugar can increase that chance of vaginal yeast infections.

9. Tingling sensations

If you experience pins and needles sensation called paresthesia — it feels like the one you feel on your foot or hand fall asleep, it can be a symptom of diabetes.

10. Skin Issues

There any number of skin signs you might notice. Infections, discolored pat


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