Strawberry Daiquiri - Easy Fresh Cocktail

Strawberry Daiquiri – Easy Fresh Cocktail

10th October 2019

Making refreshing cocktails doesn’t have to be a difficult task or something that is really complicated… Here is how to make easy cocktails like Strawberry Daiquiri at home with only a few ingredients.

What is a Strаwberry Daiquiri drink?

This easy and refreshing cocktail uses fresh strawberries and frozen strawberries alternatively of the usually crushed ice cubes. Regular strawberries need ice, therefore, you can simply frozen strawberries alternately? This is the ideal cocktail to for spring as the first strawberries grow in your garden ….and you can drink it all summer long while on the sun!

The strawberry daiquiri is one of the best rum-based cocktails, combined well with citrus juice like lemon or lime and regular sweetener – like sugar. There are several types of daiquiris but we are going to show you probably the best of all daiquiris the strawberry daiquiri cocktail.

You need to use rum! White rum, to be more accurate. This isn’t the type of drink that you want to use amber or a spiced rum in, white rum gives the best flavour. It’s also a moderately light drink, even with 2 ounces of white rum you get a bunch of strawberry liquid!

  • As earlier mentioned its highly recommend using frozen strawberries instead of ice. We tried using ice and it was such a frustrating drink and ended down in the sink!
  • You can regulate the quantity of sugar depending on how sweet the strawberries are. The closer we get to the strawberry season, the sweeter strawberry will be!
  • You can additionally use the regular syrup in this alternatively for white sugar, the selection is up to you.
  • Adjust the lime to your liking. I prefer it tangier, someone likes it sweeter, of course.


  •  4-5 medium frozen strawberries
  •  4 medium fresh strawberries
  •  1-2 tbsp white sugar
  •  1 tbsp lime juice
  •  2 ounces white rum

How To Prepare Strawberry Daiquiri

  1. Combine everything into a blender and blend.
  2. Pour the mix into a hurricane glass.
  3. Garnish it with strawberry and lime.

Extra Tips

You can toss in few ice cubes if you want to make a larger drink of water the strawberry flavour, simply take out two of the frozen strawberries and replace with ice cubes. If you like our easy fresh cocktail, please share this article with your friends and family on Pinterest.


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