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Remove Unwanted Hair With Vaseline In Just 2 Minutes

9th July 2019

Unwanted hair on the noticeable areas of the body like hands, feet, face, and back is one of the main care for every woman. Though they provide protector to the skin at the same time they also affect the persons look. We will share a natural remedy that will remove all unwanted hair from your body without any side effects and is much cheaper than the methods available from beauty clinics. For this remedy,

You will need

  • Gram flour
  • Turmeric powder
  • Raw milk and
  • Vaseline

How to Prepare

  1. First, in a  mixing bowl take one tablespoon of gram flour.
  2. In this add half tablespoon of turmeric powder
  3. Now in this add three tablespoons of milk and mix it well. Consistency should be medium neither too thick or runny.
  4. Finally add half teaspoon of vaseline in this and mix it well

 Your remedy is ready for application. Apply this paste on your skin in the direction of hair growth and leave it to dry It will take around 10-15 minutes to dry. Once dry, remove it by rubbing in the opposite direction of hair growth. To get 100% results to do this daily. It will not only remove unwanted hair but will also remove tanning from your skin and because of vaseline, your skin will become super soft also.


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