Old Korean Grandmas Formula With Only 2 Ingredients Will Eliminate Sagging Facial Skin And Wrinkles
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Old Korean Grandmas Formula With Only 2 Ingredients Will Eliminate Sagging Facial Skin And Wrinkles

7th September 2019

Every woman dreams for youthful-looking skin, but this is usually easier said than done. If you are regularly exposed to chemicals and air pollution it significantly reduces the condition of your skin. The unhealthy lifestyle we all follow is often the key reason for wrinkles, acne, blackheads and clogged pores which can make your face look unpleasant.

Usually, women look for expensive treatments or store-bought products to solve any of these skin problems. However, the problem with these products is that they often contain a variety of chemicals which can harm your skin and cause further issues. The facial skin is pretty sensitive and should be treatеd with mild remedies which won’t alter its pH value or harm its quality. You are in luck today, as we have a great natural remedy which can treat acne, blackheads, wrinkles and other skin problems effectively and without adverse side-effects.

We all know about the beauty benefits of coconut oil and baking soda. The remedy is based on these ingredients which will deep clean your face and prevent the occurrence of any kind of problem. The remedy has powerful anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties and should be usеd as your daily lotion. Let’s take a look at the benefits of both ingredients first.

Baking soda is a powdered crystalline compound that can fight acne and pimples and improve the quality of your skin. The compound is often usеd to whiten teeth and as a deodorant as well. But it is a powerful acne remedy as well. Baking soda can balance the pH value of your skin thanks to its amphoteric properties

On the other hand, coconut oil is one of the best remedies for your skin. This nutritionally rich oil will hydrate the face on your skin, clean your pores and regulate the amount of oil your skin produces.

How to prepare the DIY Facial Care Remedy:


  • 1 tablespoon baking soda
  • 2 tablespoons coconut oil


Mix the ingredients in a small bowl, then apply the paste on your skin and massage gently with your fingertips. Leave the mixture to work for 5-10 minutes, then rinse with plenty of lukewarm water. The coconut oil will deeply hydrate your skin, so there’s no need for applying a moisturizing cream afterward.


Both ingredients are pretty affordable and most importantly natural, which means they won’t damage your skin. Just try the remedy yourself and you will be amazеd by the results!


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