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31st August 2019

Most of us are living in a modern society where everything goes fast and we don’t focus much on our overall health, which isn’t a positive thing. Our bodies are affected by different toxins and harmful substances every day. We all know that we live in a world with polluted air, eat genetically engineered food treated with pesticides and hormones (GMO).

The worst thing about all of this is that instead of trying to alleviate this situation, we worsen it even more by using different medications, drinking alcohol and smoking. This is why it’s extremely important for you to cleanse our body from all harmful toxins and substances so that it can continue to function properly. If you notice any of these symptoms, you should take some natural remedies to cleanse your body or possibly to seek for a doctor for advice.


1. Headaches

If toxins are accumulated in the human organism, they can affect the central nervous system, thus causing headaches. This is why you should cleanse your body and eliminate all harmful toxins and substances.

2. Skin Issues

The experts claim that the accumulated toxins in the human body can also lead to skin problems. Well, this is probably, as a result, your body trying to get rid of them by using a natural process. Symptoms: inflammations, itching or facial redness.

3. Fatigue

You should also know that if you have accumulated toxins in your organism, you will feel tired, exhausted and low in energy.

4. Increased abdominal fat

You should also know that the presence of abdominal fat is one of the most obvious signs that your body is loaded with toxins. They hinder the Exhaustion of the body to regulate glucose levels and cholesterol. They also alter the hormonal levels in our bodies.

5. Overheating

When the organism is loaded with toxins, the liver tries to eliminate them. But, the bad thing is that too many toxins can overburden the liver, forcing it to work harder. This, in turn, results with the liver releases extra heat, thus overheating the body.

6. Congested sinuses

The contaminated air affects the sinuses, and as a result, it can cause congestion of our sinuses.

7. Insomnia

You should also know that if you have high levels of toxins and other harmful substances in your organism, it can obstruct the blood circulation, which results in sleep difficulties and insomnia.

8. Yellow Or White Tongue

You should be very careful and if you notice white or yellow coating on your tongue, then your bloodstream is probably flooded with toxins. Cleanse your body or see a doctor immediately.

9. Gall bladder difficulties

Accumulated toxins in the liver trigger heavy production of bile, which results with a clogged gall bladder. This is why you should cleanse your body from all harmful toxins and substances.


We’ve mentioned the most common symptoms, and now we are going to show you the most effective methods of detoxification:

1. Epsom Salt Bath

Have you ever heard of Epsom salt? First of all, Epsom Salt is not salt. Epsom salt is a compound of magnesium and sulfate, naturally occurring as a pure mineral in the bitter saline spring at Epsom in England. The two minerals, magnesium, and sulfate are easily absorbed by the skin, which makes Epsom salt baths extremely efficient as detoxifiers, with the added bonus of pure enjoyment and relaxation. You should also know that sulfates help in detoxification of the cells by improving the absorption of nutrients and eliminating the metals. Magnesium is extremely important for the human body: it regulates the activity of the enzyme, helps the function of muscles and nerves, and prevents artery hardening.

Here’s how to use Epsom salt to cleanse your body from all harmful toxins – you need to fill your bathtub with warm water, and add a few cups of Epsom salt. Soak for 15 minutes, three days a week. This Epsom salt bath is really amazing for eliminating toxins and alleviating headaches. Note: but, you should have in mind that Epsom salt baths are not recommendable for individuals suffering from heart problems and/or high blood pressure.

2. Green Tea

The medical experts claim that green tea is one of the most powerful ingredients for removing free radicals out of the human body. Green tea is loaded with antioxidants, most notably epigallocatechin-3-gallate(EGCG), which prevent toxic damage of the liver.

3. Lemons

We can easily say that lemon is one of the healthiest fruits on the planet. You should also know that lemon works as a powerful detoxifier and the lemon juice helps and improves the alkalization process of the body. The lemon juice also improves and triggers the bile production in the liver and stimulate minerals intake as well as absorption. Lemon is loaded with Vitamin C, which is a powerful antioxidant and it makes it ideal for boosting the immune system. You should also know that lemons are loaded with antioxidants, particularly the antioxidant called d-limonene, which is most present in the peal. It activates the liver enzyme that helps in eliminating many toxic compounds. This is why you should drink lemon juice mixed in warm water every day in the morning – immediately after you wake up. Consume one cup daily for a period of one month. We really hope you find this article helpful and don’t forget to share it with your friends and family.


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