10 Easy Tricks For Instant Bloating Relief

22nd October 2019

The stomach bloating makes your belly look massive than usual and occurs due to a buildup of gas in the gastrointestinal tract, and rarely because of fluid retention. It can be even painful or tender in some situations. Slim moms will provide simple techniques for immediate bloating relief and help to reduce bloating for a prolonged period.

Quick tips For Bloating Relief

1. Take a hot bath, relaxing and, soaking

The heat of the bath will instantly grant relief for an uncomfortable abdomen. Relaxation will lower the stress levels, which can allow the gastrointestinal tract to operate more efficiently and support reduce bloating.

2. Drink more water, fewer sodas

Drinking water supports in treating constipation and do everything opposite than sodas. On the other hand, sodas contain gas that can develop up in the abdomen. The CO2 in soda makes bloating and bubbling in the stomach. Artificial sweeteners and sugars cause bloating and gases.

3. Stomach massage

It sure will stimulate the gas movement in the bowels. This message follows the route of the bowels are exceptionally effective. Just follow the steps below to perform the massage:

  • Place the hands above the right hip bone.
  • Rub in a round movement with slight pressure up towards the right side of the ribcage.
  • Rub towards the upper belly area and toward the left rib cage.
  • Pushing slowly down to the left hip bone.
  • Recurring if necessary.

4. Try peppermint caps

Peppermint relaxes the intestinal muscles, supports effective stool and gas movement. Peppermint (oil) capsules are very useful for indigestion and also can treat the signs of irritable bowel syndrome.

5. Eat at regular intervals and small plates

Bloating usually occurs after a large meal, therefore slim moms recommend eating a few smaller meals daily, to help your digestive system moving smoothly.

6. Capsules for gas relief

Gas relief capsules can help to move extra gas out of the abdomen. Furthermore, is important to continually take medication according to the manufacturer’s guidance stamped on the label.

7. Go for a walk

Exercise supports the bowel movement regularly, it also helps in releasing the extra stool left and gas. A simple walk around your neighborhood or nearest park will relief from the bloating and the gas pressure. If feeling constipated just implement the same method, walk walk walk.

8. Try yoga

Some yoga postures can place the muscles in the stomach in the right way, which will support the release of extra gas accumulated in the gastrointestinal tract.

9. Use essential oils

Do not consume essential oils without consulting a specialist first. Essential oils are highly effective. Besides, some formulations can be toxic and there is no regulation of amounts for intake.

10. Increase fiber gradually

Eating fiber supports constipation prevention and provides bloating relief. Increased fiber intake or eating fiber foods too quickly will cause more bloating and gas. The recommended daily dosage is eating not more than 70 grams of fiber daily.

11. Try probiotics

It will regulate the colon bacteria, live in the intestines, initiates gas creation and also causes bloating.

12. Cut down on salt

Extra sodium intake causes water retention in the body. Furthermore, it leads to a bloated and swollen feeling in the stomach and other parts of the body, like feet and hands. If bloating occurs and lasts for a longer period you should see a doctor and also get special treatment and feel better.


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